Preach It

I recommend seeking out pastors online who are willing to boldly speak the truth in our backward culture. The Bible indicates that there will be not only a falling away, but even apostasy and false teaching as we approach the last days. Most local churches aren’t preaching the full gospel, the full counsel of God, but my hope is they are continuing to wake up.

“Train your life for godliness.” – “godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the life to come.” 1 Timothy 4:7-8


John Amanchukwu

Israel, Hamas, and End Times | Ezekiel 38 | Gary Hamrick

Jack Hibbs

John MacArthur – Grace To You

David Jeremiah – Turning Point Ministries
Instagram: drdavidjeremiah

Cliffe Knechtle

James D. Ward – Insight Church

Greg Laurie – Check out the Jesus Revolution movie on Amazon

Someone Else’s Favorites — I Like These Too (Allen Parr)

Tony Evans

Jeff Durbin – Apologia Studios

Andrew Farley – The Grace Message

Allen Jackson – World Outreach Church

Human Trafficking Is Taking Place in Our Nation | Allen Jackson Ministries

This topical clip, “Human Trafficking Is Taking Place in Our Nation” is from the sermon, “What Are We to Do? When Judgment Begins?”

Michael Youssef